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Simply the best components. That's it.


Like many independent rod builders, I do not produce my own blanks. I instead buy them from some of the top producers around the world. I currently have blanks in stock from Epic, Kabuto, and CTS, and can source blanks from other suppliers around the world, such as Tom Morgan Rodsmiths.


I have a passion for new generation fiberglass flyrods - but I also built on carbon (graphite) blanks. Are you after a 7ft 5 piece travel rod? or a 13ft Steelhead Spey rod? or a 12 weight saltwater rod? Then let's talk.



A fly rod is only as good as it's parts, and for that reason, I source the best components for my rods from around the world. This includes Snake Brand guides from the USA, handmade agate stone stripping guides from Poland, and the best Portuguese cork grips. The finest grade Japanese silk is used for all threadwork.


All thread work is then covered with two coats of rod finish. The first coat is thinner to penetrate the threads fully, with the final coat adding an extra level of protection. The rod is placed on a drying motor overnight to ensure a smooth, even finish with no lumps, bumps, or sags. 


My fly rods are made one a time, by hand, as I find the time. This is not a job, it's a passion. I aim to make no two rods the same, and I am constantly looking for new materials, techniques, and ideas to compliment my art. 


I also make rods to order and can arrange to ship worldwide.



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