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Just Arrived: Kabuto E-Glass Blanks

Came home yesterday to find a much-awaited package from Japan sitting on my doorstep. Inside were two E-Glass blanks from Yasuyuki Kabuto (Kabuto Rods) that I had ordered earlier this year.

As these blanks are produced in small runs, and the hand-painted by Kab, they are highly sought after, and hard to come by. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if these were the only Kabuto blanks in New Zealand at present.

These are 5 weight, 8-foot blanks, and come in three pieces, with spigot joins. I have one in each of light yellow and dark yellow. I will be building these with black nickel Snake Brand guides, a hand-selected agate stone stripping guide from Perfect Guides, a flor-grade cork handle, and a suitable reel seat with wooden insert.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these rods, then use the contact form located on the site.

Tight lines!


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