• Damon Taylor

Folstaf Wading Staffs - Coming to New Zealand

We are stoked to be able to reveal that we have struck up a deal with Folstaf Products in the US of A, to distribute their wading staffs in New Zealand.

Wading staffs are becoming a "must-have" for any serious angler who spends their days chasing trout up rivers. Slippery rocks and treacherous river crossings are some of the few hazards that can quickly ruin a fun day out on the water.

Folstaf have been manufacturing wading staffs for 47 years - and the design is that good that it has remained virtually unchanged. The staffs are made from aircraft-grade aluminum, and the sections are secured with high-shock bungee cord. This means the staff can be assembled by simply pulling it from the handy belt-holster on your waders and flicking your wrist. No pesky clips to pull, or sections to put together. If you want to know how good these staffs are - then just google some of the reviews from US anglers. You wont find a bad one. And these things are built to last - so buy quality, and buy once.

The staffs have a cork grip (to match your rod of course), and a carbide tip at the business end, to ensure a firm grip on whatever surface it encounters. Each staff has a lanyard, and comes with a holster.

Folstaf wading staffs are available in three lengths, to match anglers heights, and we should have some in the country available for purchase by the end of January. In the meantime, if you are interested, then drop us an email to make sure you receive one out of the first shipment.

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